Napolean’s Coronation

Coronation of Napolean by Jacques-Louis DavidDid you know that in the painting (left panel), Coronation of Napolean, which occurred on December 2, 1804 in the Notre Dame Cathedral, one person is portrayed in the illustration even though she was never there? Can you guess who it is? It was Napolean’s mother, Letizia. She missed the Coronation because she was in Italy trying to reconcile Lucien’s relationship with Napolean. Although she was unsuccessful, this showed what a dedicated mother she was. She was sickened at the fact that Napolean and Lucien disagreed on many topics. At the center of their conflicted opinions was that Lucien believed it was best for France to remain a Republic, ruled by its citizens, rather than an Empire, ruled by his brother. At this time, Letizia was realizing that Napolean was putting his interest in front of his family’s. However, as the mother of the Emperor, she couldn’t find it in her to stop supporting her son which she considered the leader of her family (first) and the leader of France second.

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