Now You Know – Questions Answered On ABC

I have received thousands of questions pertaining to this book. I answered a handful of questions on ABC’s program, Now You Know. Click Here To View Video

This video will answer the following:
Q.) Who is Princess Paolina?
Q.) How close was Paolina to Napolean?
Q.) How dificult was it to disclose scandalous history about your family?
Q.) What was the most surprising fact you uncovered about Paolina’s and Camillo’s relationship?
Q.) How did the Borghese family receive the “Prince” and “Princess” titles?
Q.) What advice would you give for those who want to write a book about their family?

I hope you find this information useful.


  1. I’m writing a book about the Southern Borghese Family. Some interesting links back to Rome and India.

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