My Visit With Paolina and Camillo

Santa Maria Maggiore

In July I traveled to Italy for vacation with my family and girlfriend. I spent most of my time in Tuscany visiting some of my favorite towns and family properties in Florence, Pienza, Pisa and Lucca. I have posted an album on my facebook page of each day spent in Italy (8 total). I saved Rome, my favorite city, for last. While there, i went to Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica. This church contains our family chapel (and is where my brother was married) and underneath the church is the Borghese family crypt. Seeing Paolina and Camillo again (it has been roughly five years since i visited them and my grandparents) was quite inspiring. I know they would want their love story to be told and I hope i did a good job doing this. There are three pictures i took while in the Basilica and crypt. The basilca is filled with gold. The crypt contains my family tree carved directly into the marble floor. Paolina and Camillo are resting peacfully side-by-side forever.


  1. Barb Meier says:

    The church looks amazing. Heading out for Italy tonight. Have it on my list things to see. Thanks for sharing. Barb

  2. Urska says:

    Wonderful story and it is great that their story was told. When I was reading a book, I just wanted to go to Italy and see all the places that you are writing about, also in France. Maybe one day I would. Thanks for these pictures, that I can see a little of these places, they are amazing.

  3. Barb says:

    Back in Rome for 3 days. Went to Villa this morning. Words can’t describe the statue of Pauline. I can understand why you wrote the story. Sat in the park and watched all the dogs. Made me miss my Shadow. Made it to the cat sanctuary as well. I did make it to the church last year. The ceiling is amazing as well as the alter. Back home tomorrow. C’est la vie.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Barb, I’m so delighted to hear you were speechless when you saw the statue. Thank you for your comment. Hope you had a wonderful time in Rome!

  4. Zee says:

    I enjoyed this wonderful but also very sad story. Misunderstanding and lack of communication is the age old dilemma – literally. Thanks for bringing us a love story that one can relate to. No one is without flaws and too often ego gets in the way. BUT, true love does prevail. I like that. And I like Paulina, Camillo and Sophie. They will stay in my mind for a long time. Thanks Lorenzo.

  5. Catherine Cheyssial says:

    Thank you Prince Lorenzo Borghese for bringing his story to us. It is beautiful and tragic a the same time. It reminds us that true love can endure the most difficult times. I loved this book and I cried at the end. I enjoyed navigating the website and viewing the properties. I will most definitely go see the Villa Borghese when I visit Rome. I look forward to it. Ciao!

  6. Christine says:

    I enjoyed the book. I have focused on French history; but I look forward to reading more about Italian history. I am returning to that beautiful country with a better perspective.

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