About the Book

Prince Lorenzo Borghese, a descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother-in-law, bursts boldly onto the historical fiction scene with The Princess of Nowhere—a captivating and richly atmospheric re-imagining of the life of the author’s famous ancestor, Princess Pauline Bonaparte Borghese, who became Princess Pauline Bonaparte Borghese, after her marriage to Prince Camillo Borghese. Author Borghese—whom TV viewers will recognize for his appearance on the hit ABC series, The Bachelor – Rome, will enthrall readers of Sarah Dunant and Suzannah Dunn with his masterful blend of fact and fiction – a story of passion, betrayal, and of one woman who truly conquered all…even death.

As the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte, Pauline knows that her sole purpose has always been to make an advantageous marriage to further her ambitious brother’s goals. But her joie de vivre cannot be contained—much to the dismay of her new husband, Prince Camillo Borghese. Pauline’s and Camillo’s relationship is tempestuous at best, with Pauline constantly seeking the attention of other men—especially after a heartbreaking loss which leaves her devastated, desperate for attention, and searching for answers. Yet, despite everything, the love that brought Pauline and Camillo together, as imperfect as it might be, can never be truly stifled.

As seen through the eyes of the young woman who served as Pauline’s lady-in-waiting and surrogate daughter, The Princess of Nowhere is an unforgettable tale of a remarkable life that is a study in the excesses of the time as well as an intimate view of a woman strong enough to defy expectations.

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