Cast of Characters

† deceased before story begins
[not mentioned]

Bonaparte family:

  • Mother: Letizia (Madame Mère)
  • Uncle: Cardinal Fesch, Letizia’s step-brother
  • Joseph (wife Julie)
  • Napoleon (wife Josephine; second wife Marie-Louise of Austria)
  • Lucien (second wife Alexandrine)
  • Elisa (husband Felix Bacciochi)
  • Louis (wife Hortense, daughter of Josephine)
  • Pauline (also Paolina, Paoletta)
  • Caroline (husband Joachim Murat)
  • Jerome (second wife Catherine of Württemberg)

leclerc family:

  • Victor Emmanuel Leclerc†, Pauline’s first husband
  • Dermide Leclerc, Pauline’s son
  • Adolphe Leclerc, Victor’s uncle and Sophie’s grandfather
  • Sophie Leclerc, Victor’s cousin (once removed); ward of Napoleon
  • Charles Speare, British officer on Elba, Sophie’s husband

Borghese family:

  • Camillo Filippo Ludovico, Prince Borghese
  • Anna Maria, Dowager Princess Borghese, Camillo’s mother, widow of Prince
  • Marcantonio
  • Francesco Borghese, Camillo’s younger brother, later Prince Borghese
  • [Marcantonio Borghese, Francesco's son, Prince Borghese, named for his grand
  • Lady Gwendolyn Talbot, wife of Marcantonio
  • Agnese Borghese, daughter of Gwendolyn and Marcantonio

Pauline’s Household (figures serve at various times):

  • Madame Ducluzel, housekeeper
  • Doctor Peyre
  • Carlotta, nursemaid
  • Nunzia, Sophie’s maid
  • Auguste de Forbin, count, Pauline’s chamberlain
  • Felix Blangini, music master

CAMILLO’s Household:

  • Maxime de Villemarest, secretary
  • Matteo, manservant
  • Bettina, family attendant, sister of Matteo
  • Doctor Vastapani, court doctor at Turin

other important characters:

  • Luigi Angiolini di Serraverra, Italian diplomat
  • Gian Andrea Visconti, young Milanese aristocrat
  • Chevalier de St.-Luc, royalist French agent in Rome
  • Prince Georg, heir to Grand Duchy of Mecklenberg-Strelitz
  • Antonio Canova, sculptor
  • Duchess Lante della Rovere, Camillo’s mistress (and cousin)

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